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Almost all retailers in Paris can offer you with a "détaxe" form, to apply for a VAT reimburse on the 18.6% sales tax if purchases go beyond a certain level. You have to fill & submit a form in the Douane( French Customs) in the airport upon leaving France. You should get all your invoices stamped at airport customs and return the authenticated pink copies within three months by means of the stamped addressed envelope received at the time of making purchase. You should wait for your refund within about six weeks. Some stores, like Hermes, have their own vat refund form.

In Paris you can also make your shopping at “duty-free” shops, most of which are located around Opéra and Palais Royal. These will sell you products with the tax already deducted, as for instance, particular luxury items like perfume and leather goods. This is only applicable for those residents outside the European Union. To get it you have to produce your passport at the time of purchase.

If you want to get the refund through your credit card, you have to mark the paperwork to have the refund applied to your credit card instead of a check in euros. If you acknowledge cash in any currency other than euros, you will lose money on the conversion rate.

Procedures for getting a vat refund in Paris with duty free shoping :-

♦   You must belong to a country outside of the European Union
♦   If you are a holder of a E.E.C. passport & you are not entitled to get your tax refund
♦   Your age should be over 15 years
♦   You must pay out more than €175($212) on the same day in the same store
♦   You should export the goods within 3 months of the date of purchase
♦   You must acquire a valid Customs stamp on final departure from the EU

There are also others ways to get your VAT refund:-
Inquire for a Tax free Shopping France invoice at the time of shopping in any major store or “Tax free for tourists” boutique. The refundable amount is visible under the heading “Montant de la détaxe”. In the case of the big department stores, this will be 12%, but smaller stores may refund anything up to 16%.

Paris train stations, unlike airports, do not have a customs office. So if you're leaving the country by train or road you need to use a specialist company like Global Refund or Premier Tax Free to get your tax refund. These organizations also provide online service to provide VAT refund. Many stores in Paris are affiliated with these companies and certify Global Refund receipt before pursuing the refund.

Global Refund, the biggest tax refund service (40 countries, more than 225,000 merchants around the world) provides immediate refunds in dollars at more than 700 locations. They will cash your refund cheque in France or abroad in one of their more than 200 international cash refund offices. It manages VAT-refund paperwork, working with more than 170,000 retailers in 28 countries. (When you fill out refund forms at Harrods in London or Galeries Lafayette in Paris, those are through Global Refund.)

They'll also directly credit your credit card, send you a bank cheque, or directly credit your bank account if you have one in France (you have to supply your IBAN).

Its commission is on a sliding scale -- the less you buy, the more you pay -- and averages about 3%, says Colleen Cowan, Global Refund director of marketing for North America.

Premier Tax Free have 20,000 retailers worldwide with the emphasis on Europe (they're based in Ireland). Note that the tax refund company will take a slice of your refund, which is why in France you'll get just over 12% instead of the full amount.

How it works:

♦  The shop provides you e.g. a Premier Tax Free export declaration form which sets out a description of goods, price paid including tax, and refund amount.
♦  You obtain the form and merchandise to the customs office at your last point of departure from the EU and where the form will be stamped.
♦  The form can either be mailed back to Premier Tax Free for a refund through your credit card (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Diners, JCB), cheque (in 13 currencies) or bank transfer, or alternatively a cash refund can be obtained from various airports or Amex or Travelex offices on the day of departure.

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